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Celebrity Worship Syndrome is in fact recognized as a personality disorder characterized by a belief that one's own life is influenced by what happens to a celebrity and even sometimes uncontrollable behaviors and fantasies directed at a celebrity.

If these warning signs appear, your teen needs help understanding her behavior is irrational.

They will appreciate the distance you give them instead of trying to cheer them up.

Related Link: Co-Parenting Teenagers in the Summertime Keep responses positive: Teens pay attention to how you respond.

If you respond to them negatively, they probably will probably feel uncomfortable communicating.

Instead of responding with a sense of disappointment or judgement, open your statements with terms of hope and understanding.

girl has done that." Leigh-Anne Pinnock added: "Sometimes you feel bad and don't want them to feel awkward, so you just do it" and Perrie agreed: "It's what every girl thinks and what every girl's been though. The girls also gave their fans a whole load of dating advice, as well as discussing their love lives.

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Witherspoon shared with Adjust to their mood: Mood swings and tiring days from school are bound to happen for your teen.

Instead of being high-spirited in hopes to turn their mood around, try giving them space and relax your enthusiasm.

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