Dating for years and hes not ready to get married

I don’t need to be married to you to be in love.” And even worse, he gets moody and kind of upset when I do bring it up.I try not to mention it too often, but deep down I’m always thinking about it. Now, whether you’re in a relationship right now or not…But there are myriad other reasons people are uncomfortable with marriage that have nothing to do with the relationship.Cohabitation is an increasingly popular option; one 2013 study found that 32% of couples chose long-term cohabitation over marriage.If you’re itching to get married and your partner resists, it’s easy to assume there’s a problem with the relationship or that your partner isn’t fully committed to you.These issues could indicate that it’s time to consider moving on.

When you can understand why a guy might have reservations to getting married (or at least, might not be motivated to get married), it will help you communicate better and ultimately get you to a place where you may both decide it’s time for marriage. That’s just my personal view and I’m not suggesting or projecting that anyone else should share it.But watching Jim Jones give Chrissy a ring on “Love and Hip hop” last night did cause me to feel some sort of way, and it wasn’t exactly joy.I think part of it had to do with the fact that Jim didn’t even get down on one knee—which I didn’t notice until my third time watching (don’t judge).I’ve met plenty of women who are in a hurry to get married.And I understand the reasons: biological clock, all your friends are married, you feel like “it’s time”, you want to have final commitment, etc.Some reasons your partner might be uninterested in marriage include: As with so many other relationship issues, open and honest communication is the key to resolving disputes about marriage.


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