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Part two can be found here https://highbrowpaleo.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/the-highbrow-paleo-guide-to-binge-drinking-addendum-further-discoveries-and-thanks-i-wuv-u-guys/ (seriously consider reading it, the percentage of people who read the second one is low and it is important) Disclaimer: If you are a recovering alcoholic/recovering from a health issue or are a modern puritan, this blog post may not be suitable for you. In this post I’m not encouraging binge-drinking, just suggesting ways of ameliorating the damage when shit happens.

Shit happens, and that is the point of this blog post.

I would argue that my mom is even funnier than my dad. My sister and I learned what comedy was through my dad, and through friends of the family that we've had. David is just such a bizarre character, and the more we started writing, the more I knew I could really bite into it.

I did theater and a lot of improv all through school, and when I got my job at MTV, my career path sort of took me away from what I was really interested in. It was a really nice pairing, he and I.] He has a complete disregard for just any type of social code.

As older generations while away their twilight hours in God’s waiting room (and as their families’ philanthropic funds spend down on an accelerated schedule), the city is being overrun by tech-savvy imports newly elevated to the high net worth status by fistfuls of Facebook shares, a uniquely San Francisco phenomenon.

Our cultural institutions are losing out on the tech industry’s gold rush cash.

] It really just started with me being in Los Angeles, knowing that I wanted to write.

It is sometimes assumed that these things are mutually exclusive, and that anything more than an ever so modest consumption of alcohol is a deal-breaker when it comes to our health.

Some of us have a love affair with booze that isn’t going to go away, but it is my belief that as long as we exercise a little bit of restraint and take some precautionary measures we can have our booze and drink it, too.

But the thing is that various nutritional interventions, particularly nutritional supplements, have a licensing effect on people leading them to feel invulnerable to unhealthy practices like smoking, eating junk food, and drinking, and they take a healthy practice as a license to do more of those unhealthy things.

Hi I’m Stabby and I love the sauce, but I also like to be healthy.

Hot tub parties happen, and judgmental parents in law happen.


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