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They’re not euphemisms) that guaranteed a surge of affection.

Over the ages other seduction aids have been deployed with great success, such as […] Hear from these 6 couples how e Harmony changed their lives forever…

Whether a tiny container garden or a vast plot of intricate designs, these spaces bring joy to those who pause to look and enjoy. Read more Love is a small word with huge implications.

When it’s a healthy kind of love, it can help you become your best possible self and enrich your life with a new kind of happiness and meaning.

My mission is to give you relationship advice and all the tools you need to find the right partner and create the love relationship you’ve always wanted.

No matter what may be happening right now – and no matter what has happened for you in the past — know this: You can have the love you’re longing for.

But when it comes to breakups, there’s another phrase that rings true: hindsight is 20/20. I’ve been taking myself on dates—going to dinner or lunch by myself, or taking myself to the movies alone.

In the aftermath of a messy split, it can be hard to have clarity. Sometimes, I’ll wander around an antique store, or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Farmer’s Market....

When he is supposed spank with cane in his bombom or possibly on his hand, you decided to leave him and spare the rod. [Read more...]A lot of people are in relationships but they are not happy and you would think that the logical thing to do if you are in an unhappy relationship is to quit, right?I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women find love and create the partnership of their dreams…even the women who had totally given up are now happily married.4 Awesome Backyard Projects You Can Do with Your Family Working toward a home improvement project together is a fun way to improve your home while improving family ties.A backyard is the perfect place to start, because you can be inventive and playful in the project design while including even smaller children.And, to help you get just that, I have some amazing FREE gifts for you!


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    However, many Christians can't find their soul mate in church, and many singles are simply too busy to maintain an active social life.

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