Old spice commercial guy dating

In the commercials, Mustafa takes on the role of "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like," a suave, shirtless, lothario who peddles body wash in ridiculous settings, even atop a white stallion.

On Tuesday morning, Old Spice's official Twitter page posted a cryptic message: "Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into twitter," it read.

As soon as a bare-chested Mustafa finished gliding around from one paperback-romance scenario to another, reassuring women that even if their man didn’t look like him, they could smell like him if they stopped using lady-scented body wash, millions of people rewound their DVRs and watched the ad again. Then they started talking about it on Facebook and Twitter and making spoof videos on You Tube.

Thanks to the TV ad, millions of people–women, especially–now felt something for Isaiah Mustafa, and were linking his manly abs to the Old Spice brand.

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hey Sirvan , with 1334095730 pencils u should have known that usually grand prix are real clients.. : D I don't need to comment this commercial but i'm really curious to know how did the AD/CW got the inspiration and how they had presented to their creative director and how they had presented to the client on story board?

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According to his new adventures, he took those valuable lessons on board, pondered them and then quickly flushed them down the toilet. Muscle Surprise is Old Spice’s invitation to look deep inside yourself, to the very core of your being, and take stock of the delicate fabric of life and banana bread. Nature continues to amaze human beings even in the age of time computers and medicines. Hired to support the launch of Old Spice Wild Collection, Mr.So, five months and a second TV spot later, when P&G marketers used Twitter’s promoted trend ad platform to ask Old Spice followers on Twitter and Facebook, as well as users on Reddit and Digg, to submit questions for the Old Spice Man, they replied enthusiastically.People voted for their favorite questions, and the winners received personal replies from the Man himself. Thanks for bringing in some wonderfully silly holiday cheer, Old Spice! Here's what he had to say about his platonic relationship with Kathy: "I think she's amazing…she's a force of nature! Now, we're hearing that he's not with either of those women…and he's on the market!Old Spice’s Legendary Man returns armed with the valuable life experience that comes with exploding in a rocket car and being financially crippled by whale sunglasses. Sometimes when two commercials love each other very much, they get together and spawn a radioactive garbage fire that spews flaming jellied gasoline everywhere and kills all the grass in your yard. The new Old Spice Hardest Working Collection enables men to achieve legendary status by pushing beyond their limits. Every time a man is in nature and sees a colony of ants carry a billion times their weight in beautiful women, or ... Wolfdog had a brief, but memorable week of employment as Old Spice's Chief Director of Marketing. Representing the dangerous side of masculinity and inspired by the personality attributes, eating habits and mating rituals of wild animals, the Old Spice Wild collection is a sophisticated line-up of ...


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